California Getaway

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share more details from our recent trip to California. We were only there 5 days so we had to cram a lot into a short amount of time. I had asked on instagram a few times for suggestions of places to visit/ eat and we got so many great ideas from you guys, so thank you! I’ll break it down to discuss the details of each day, if you have any additional questions please let me know. Thanks for reading! 🙂

P.S. this post is pretty long, so if you’d prefer something shorter watch the video below:

Day 1: Travel to California

The first day we got up pretty early to drive to the airport. We used a park and ride shuttle which made it very convenient. We didn’t have any complications with the flight except that Sheldon was stopped by the k9 search at security. No worries, it didn’t last long. He probably just had gunpowder on his clothes or something. We tried some sweedish candy form my dad while in the airport, it was a little weird but I actually liked it haha. We flew through Delta on a very tiny plane. When landing in Long Beach we were surprised at how small the airport was, we stepped out the plane with rolley stairs leading outside. The most surprising part was that the baggage claim was also outside. We were trying to decide if we should rent a car while we were there or if we should taxi around. Once we landed, we decided to grab an Uber and we are so glad! Uber is an app that allows you to catch a ride for cheep with locals that know the area. We are SO glad we chose to do that because it was so easy and saved us a ton of money overall. If you’d like to try Uber you can actually get your first ride free if you sign up with my code: kristynl247ui. Let me know if you use it. 🙂

Kelsey had asked me to help with the flowers at her wedding, so I purchased them wholesale from Florabundance and they shipped right to her house. I ordered so many flowers in bright tropical colors and spent most of our first day in California day putting them together. The bride wanted flower crowns for her and her sisters.

Sheldon was the real hero and got us some pizza for lunch at Fat Tomato. It was a good and filling classic pizza that we washed down with root beer. We promised ourselves that we would try at least 2 food places each day that we were unfamiliar with. This pizza place was a thumbs up!


Day 2: Nathan & Kelsi’s Wedding

Friday morning we woke up and got all dressed up for the wedding. My dress was fitted really well, I love it and will continue to wear it! I got it from JC Penny’s and I thought it matched the family pretty well because of the large maroon flowers. Their wedding was at the LDS Newport Beach Temple. It is such a pretty temple inside and out. It’s exterior walls are PINK! ah how perfect. The wedding was pretty short so afterwards a bunch of us met up for lunch at Outback steakhouse. It honestly was not great food though.

Then we all met up again for a beach front reception in Palos Verdes. The house they used was unbelievable. There were some cute little musical numbers; including a traditional hula by the bride. They used my extra flowers to dress up the venue a little more, which was great because then everything matched really well.

Before retiring for the night Sheldon and I got shakes with some new friends. Can you even go to California without going to In-n-out?


Day 3: Hollywood Tour

Thanks to the recommendation of some friends we ended up buying Proper Sightseeing Hollywood tour bus tickets from Groupon. We took the train into LA, which got us a little lost to be honest… and then used Uber to get around to different locations from there. We bought Bagels for breakfast from a little place on the Hollywood walk of fame. Taking the Hollywood tour bus was a nice way to see and navigate the city safely with some commentary along the way. We got to see almost everything that we wanted to just by following the bus route. We would totally recommend buying these tickets if you are headed to LA anytime soon. Outfit details: Rust overalls from Shop Stevie and Top from Charming Charlie.

Ok I was surprised when I saw the walk of fame. I always thought it was a pretty big deal to have your name in the street there. Probably because I assumed it was a short stretch; but it is literally like 6 blocks on both sides of the road. There are hundreds of stars on the road there and I didn’t recognize like 95% of them. It feels like they just give out spaces haha. It is still cool to see though! After seeing the iconic oriental theater there we jumped onto our tour bus.

The first stop we wanted to get off at was at Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. That was a really fun sight to see because it was a high class shopping experience. Obviously we didn’t actually purchase anything there, but it was fun to walk around in such an expensive place. Sadly we did not see anyone famous though haha.

Probably our favorite stop on the tour was at the world’s first Farmer’s Market! I always love a good market so we stopped here for lunch. We got some authentic Chinese food and yummmm! This was a fun stop because there were ethnic foods, and so many colorful shops! It was a little overwhelming actually. I especially liked seeing the fruit stands and ended up I buying us a dragon fruit. Sheldon didn’t like it very much though. Sheldon treated us to some amazing ice cream from Bennet’s, we just got small cups and good thing too because they were so rich! There was a shopping center right there close, so we walked around there for a bit too.

From there we finished our tour and caught an Uber up to the Griffith Observatory. This is an iconic location where La la Land was filmed AND came highly recommended from our friends, so I really wanted to see it! It was probably the best view we had of the city of LA. From there we could see the Hollywood sign pretty well, it was a little sad we didn’t have time to hike it. Every angle of the observatory was stunning and it was free to explore around inside. It took forever to get an Uber down from there because the cell service wasn’t great and kept disconnecting them.

We eventually got back down hill and back to the train station. We ate dinner at The Counter, which was probably the best burger I’ve had. SO YUMMY. You build the burger with a little checklist they give you so it was an interactive experience too. Thumbs up! Sheldon LOVED this place! We had some friends pick us up at the train station which was so kind of them, because it was pretty late.


Day 4: Beaches

Because we had a late night we slept in a little bit and then went to the LDS LA Temple. It used to be the largest temple in the church until they extended the SLC. This was the 10th LDS temple ever built which is crazy! We took some time to walk around the grounds and walk through the visitors center. I’m glad we could make it there. Outfit details: Dress from Olive Ave, hat from Asos.

We had lunch at TLT which was very “California” haha. Sheldon got a green rice bowl with veggies and I got a quesadilla. It felt so healthy and fresh, we really liked this place!

Probably one of the most highly recommended places was Santa Monica Pier. It is known for being the official end of Route 66. I wanted to visit to see the beach and see the iconic ferris wheel on the pier. We spent time just walking around there and enjoying the beach musicians. We didn’t get on any of the rides but we did buy some ice cream and churros.

The San Vicente Lighthouse was probably one of my favorite views from the trip! I have always loved lighthouses so this was really cool for me to see! It was free, but sadly it was locked so we couldn’t get very close to it.

After taking a short nap and spending some time with Kelsey’s family we went to Torrence Beach. At this beach we were able to finally stick our feet in the water and play for a minute. We caught the beach right at sunset so it was pretty romantic too. It is amazing how calming and therapeutic the waves can be. We enjoyed jumping splashing and just taking in the moment on the sand.


Day 5: Travel to Idaho

On our very last day in California we had breakfast at Cocos. It was delicious but we paid as much as we would have for a nice dinner, ouch! Outfit details: Top from JCP, hat from asos, shorts thrifted.

We didn’t have much time to spend anywhere but we drove out to Naples and just took a short walk around a little boating neighborhood. On our way back we drove through the Rainbow Harbor area which looked fun too! It gives us something to do if we ever get back there.

Before our flight we got some ice cream at Cold Stone. This will always be Sheldon’s favorite.

We got all our things packed up and got a ride to the airport. We flew out of LGB back to SLC, picked up our car, then drove back to Idaho.

Thanks for following along our fun trip! We had to make a few sacrifices to go because Sheldon had to get some days off of work and I had to miss some classes but it was worth it. Traveling is so fun, but so expensive haha. We enjoyed our time in California and can’t wait to explore another new location soon. Stay tuned to read about our future adventures. 🙂

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