MAY 2018

May knows just how to brighten the winter blues. The grass has been SO green, and the flowers so bright! It makes me so happy to finally have the sun out and not have to worry about wearing a jacket anymore.

Like I said in an earlier blog post; this semester has been a little different for us. We have had to live apart during the week and have to travel 2 hours to see each other on the weekends. We both take turns driving the many miles between Rexburg and Grace. I know that it will all be worth it in the end though. It really only makes sense that Sheldon lives where he is working, and that I finish my last semester of school. Thankfully we have technology that keeps us connected.

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but the food trucks are all starting to open now that it is summer time. There is this place in Rexburg called Crispy Cones that basically serves ice cream in crunchy cinnamon pastries. Sheldon and I made our own version of that one evening by making snickerdoodle cookie cups and filled them with ice cream and topped them with chocolate turtle shell. YUM you guys! Try it. All things in moderation though, because we are getting ready for a trip to California in June. So I balanced that out by logging a 7.4 mile run this month. Haha. We also invested in some softball gear and have been doing some batting practice in the evenings. It has actually felt so good and brought back so many childhood memories!


I mentioned the flowers, but you guys, our campus is amazing. We have apple orchards and the blossoms were incredible! I had to take a little walk out there to enjoy them while they last.


Something fun that we did was go on a double date to the monster truck show in idaho falls. Sheldon’s brother had extra tickets so we brought some friends and little Hudson came along too. Contray to what you may think, he did not mind the noise at all, he actually LOVED every minute of it and was so giddy!


One weekend we took a quick trip to Utah for my friend’s wedding. She was actually one of my dear mission companions. They were married in the Draper temple and then had a little reception at the Lion House in Salt Lake. It was so, so pretty, we loved being there to celebrate with them. While we were dressed up Sheldon took me to Olive garden for lunch and we just drove around the beautiful Draper area.


While in Utah we decided to visit McKinsey, so we did some shopping and all went on a hike to Bridal Veil Falls. If you can even call it a hike… It was visible right from the road. BUT we did climb some rocks, and walked along the trails to get up close to it. It was a pretty place and a beautiful day to spend outside!


OK, I haven’t shared this on my blog yet. I told you that I am going to go to Jordan district for my student teaching, BUT I only recently found out which school I’ll be at. SO here goes, I’m going to student teach at Elk Ridge Middle School. I’ll be teaching mostly sewing classes, with a few general FCS classes, and a college prep course. It will be perfect for me! I am already so, so excited. I’ve been diligently writing lesson plans for it.


Sheldon and I are always looking for new adventures and he was reading about this place called Sheep Falls. It is only about 45 minutes from Rexburg to we had to check it out. Ok honestly we got a liiiiittle lost on our way, but eventually we found it. It is so pretty and the land is right up next to Yellowstone. Seriously this place is under rated because the hike is short and the water is impressive. The best part is that there weren’t any crowds- even on memorial day!

Here is a mini vlog that I made on our recent hikes: 


Even though we have to live apart, May was actually SO fun. We always seem to make the best out of our situations. I am excited for June because we will be going to a wedding in California. We haven’t been on a flight since Christmas time so it will be good to get to explore another state together.

Other noteworthy things that happened this May: Congrats to my best friend Veronica because she got Engaged! Yay, so happy for her! We have been going to Sheldon’s Friday afternoon work BBQs which is always fun! Sheldon also got his official certificate of graduation in the mail. I spent time in the Rexburg temple. AND I’ve been running a little more.

I’ve been pushing my little craft business more this month too, so here are the links to some of the things I’ve done for that. I did a few Logos for small businesses in the area, and ran a watercolor painting instagram sale, I also prepared for my first vendor show which I’ll share more about next blog.

HAPPY JUNE & Enjoy the Sunshine!

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