A Whole lot of Flowers (April 2018)

Update: my obsession with flowers is through the roof. Seriously though, I’ve never had so many flowers a part of my life. I seriously couldn’t be happier.

So I was with my family in Utah for conference (see then end of the March blog post) I decided to teach my sisters to make flower crowns. I learned how to make them in a workshop recently so I had to share that knowledge. We bought extra stems from the local grocery stores and only spent like $11, score!

Well the first part of April was spent finishing up our winter semester of school. We took our finals and finished up projects. Sheldon was the best archery teacher and gave all his students some snacks. I am so proud of him because he finished up ALL of his classes to graduate. He was worried about his welding class, but ended up doing really well! So Sheldon is officially a graduate of Agriculture Technology, he is so happy to be done with school. Sheldon actually had to move out of our apartment at the end of the semester to go back home to work. It is a little sad to have him gone, but I am staying busy and I still get to see him on the weekends. We can do hard things!

Once we finished classes we took off to spend our spring break in Grace, Idaho. Sheldon had to get back to work right away so I spent most of my week doing lots of crafts and it was pretty relaxing. No responsibilities just crafts all week. haha the life. In the evenings we drove around Grace because it was really nice outside.

Probably one of my favorite parts of spring break waaaaaas…. you guessed it… flowers! Haha. I got to help our neighbor Janel with prom and wedding flowers. Um, hello yes. She let me make a few flower crowns and several boutonnieres for the events. Seriously the best, plus she paid with her extra flowers. LOVE.

On the weekend we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. I wrote a whole separate blog post about it, see the post HERE.

Now that Rexburg has decided to give us a few brief moments of spring weather we have to soak up every possible moment of sun! One weekend we went on a little hike out in Herbert, Idaho area. It was a simple little hike in the forrest and not too green yet, but still nice to get out!


We did a lot this April. A few other things we did was go out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse to celebrate finishing finals, we went to my mission reunion, date night to destroy too many Buffalo Wild- Wings, I taught quite a few lessons at the junior high, I attended the BYUI floral and fashion gala, and I’m sure a lot more happened too….

I actually had a lot of time for crafting because of spring break. My crafts this month included: about 5 different watercolor paintings, a few other decorative items, and a huge collaborative photoshoot with my sweet friend McCall. Ps. she let me play with more flowers!

I’m excited to see how this May goes. I started a new semester of classes and I’m pretty really excited about pattern making. I’ll be keeping busy and making the most out of my weekends with Sheldon.


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