Anniversary Weekend

dsc_8932-stepsConveniently enough the weekend after my spring break was our wedding anniversary. We are celebrating 2 years, it has been so fun. I highly recommend the whole marriage thing!

We decided to celebrate with a weekend in Salt lake. I secretly booked a hotel and Sheldon secretly booked our dinner so we could both have a fun surprise.

Once Sheldon finished his half day of work on Saturday we began driving to Utah. Sheldon has really been wanting to go to the Hogle Zoo for quite awhile now so this was our chance! It was seriously SO nice outside, no jackets needed. It was probably the warmest day we have had this year so far; the animals were active and fun to watch. Our favorite animal there was the elephants because they were so playful. One was rolling in the mud and we also got to see them being trained. There were also quite a few peacocks and one showed us all the feathers, which was so pretty!

We also got an overpriced ice cream cone which was perfect for the day. So glad I found a man that loves animals as much as I do! We are still dreaming of going on a real African safari one day. But for now we had a great time at the zoo!

Sheldon’s surprise dinner place was at the Roof Restaurant in the Joseph Smith Memorial building. It is on the top floor and has such a pretty view of the Salt Lake Temple. It was a buffet with all types of fancy options and variety of meat. The food was pretty good, but the dessert was TO DIE FOR. amazing! I think that Sheldon’s favorite part was the piano player. The pianist was really good and played non-traditional piano songs that made us smile. He played things like coldplay, a variety of 80’s rock, and several theme songs from TV. We had a great romantic dinner and we were filled with yummy food.

We stayed in Homewood Suites by Hilton which actually was decorated in the cutest way. It was so modern and clean. The breakfast buffet was actually pretty great and they had the cutest lemonade bar by the check in. We thought it was a great experience for the price.

On Sunday we spent most of our morning on temple square. We had a lot of time to kill before my mission reunion that evening so we decided to tour everything that we could. Our first tour was at the Beehive House, it was Brigham Young’s house back in the day and the first church office building. From there we went to walk around the temple, It had the most beautiful and colorful flowers. Tulips and daffodils everywhere, seriously. SO MANY FLOWERS. Again, it was a beautiful day outside so there were many others walking around temple grounds that day. We also got a tour of the conference center and got to see the gardens on top. As we were walking back to the car we attempted to take a selfie with all the flowers and Elder Cornish from the 70 asked if he could take the picture for us. What?! haha. So this apostle took our photo- cool, cool.

We had made our lunch from the day before and brought it to the Utah State Capital building for a little picnic. The pink cherry blossoms there are so beautiful this time of year and again it just felt so nice to spend time together outside. We even took a peek inside the capitol and it is such a nice building!

Wellllll we still had a little extra time so our curiosity brought us to the “this is the place” monument. I don’t think it is church owned because I didn’t see the church logo anywhere and the gift shop was open on sunday…. BUT, It was still cool to walk around it and think of the Mormon pioneers and their impact on westward expansion. We didn’t spend long there, we were mostly just curious about it. Several para-sailers landed while we were there which was kind of fun.

Then we drove out to Sandy to see some friends that I haven’t seen for a very long time! I got home from my mission back in July 2015 so it has been awhile since I’ve seen some of these people. There was even a facebook live for my friends and companions in Central  America so I could check in with them. It was a good time to see everyone, but especially my president and his wife. It is always special to reminisce of my sacred time spend in El Salvador. I look back on that service fondly.


We really didn’t stay too long, enough to catch up with everyone and listen to some wise words Presidente Spjut shared with us. We left Utah to drive back up to Idaho so I could begin another semester.

So Sheldon pointed out to me that both years we have included the temple as a destination for our anniversary. Last year was the open house in Idaho Falls, and this year dinner at temple square. We had such a fun weekend together! Glad to have been married to Sheldon for 2 years and I am excited for the many more that we will spend together.  Love you Shel, XOXO.

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