MARCH 2018

THIS. MONTH. WAS. SO. BUSY! Seriously though, I have no idea how we were able to do so much this month. It was packed full, but so good. Continue reading to find out where I will be doing my student teaching!

The first week of March I took an overnight trip to Boise with my class. We went to several different schools and institutions to learn about Career and Technical Education in Idaho. It was good for us as we prepare to be Family and Consumer Science teachers soon. Read about that trip on this separate blog post HERE.


As if we didn’t spend enough time on the road, Sheldon and I left for Utah the next day. We wanted to go to my friend Mallory’s Wedding reception. So happy that she found her person who is equally as hilarious and fun as she is. The reception was beautiful and had a million different types of pies, so yum! While in Utah my grandma was so sweet and got Sheldon a chocolate cake to celebrate his birthday. We also did dinner with Mckinsey. Short trip, but fun.

The next Monday morning I had to take my Praxis test in order to be certified to teach. We went to Pocatello so I could take it, and I Passed! Whew, I am now certified to teach in 48 of the 50 states now. The Tuesday after that I had my student teaching interviews. I know, big week right?! I interviewed with 3 different districts across Idaho and Utah. I haven’t shared this online yet but….. I got hired on at my number 1 choice! In the fall I’m going to be teaching at Jordan District in Utah! I am so excited for it, they have a great district. I’ll find out which school in a few months.

Oh, and another thing. Sheldon and I will need to be living apart for the next several months since I have one more semester of school and student teaching. Sheldon will be working at Valley Implement in Grace again. It’ll be good to be getting a paycheck again, but it will be sad to only see each other on the weekends. ANYWAYY… We will need two cars that are reliable to be able to do the things that we need and still see each other. SO WE GOT A NEW CAR! We go it at Incredible Auto in Bountiful, UT and we recommend them highly. We have been looking for awhile and test driving a few here and there but once we came across this car we had to get it! We got a great deal; it is a 2017 black Jeep Compass with only 10,000 miles and we got it for $9k. We love it for our adventures! Still need to name it though.

Sheldon and I are so close to finishing the semester. We have been working hard at our school work, we had many projects that we’ve been working on. It is nice to now see a light at the end of the tunnel, it is almost done! I have had several new teaching experiences at different local schools. I’ve taught lessons on biscuits, cutting out PJ pant patterns, preparing for project based learning, bias tape on a sewing apron, and a few other things. Sheldon has been the best archery teacher to his students because he has kept things organized, and brought them cookies. He has been so helpful to them as they improve their archery skills.


I have a sweet friend that taught me how to make flower crowns. Read about that class HERE.

We got to hang out with some of Sheldon’s friends. We went to Lava Hot springs with a group of them late one night, which was nice on a cold day. We also went to play laser tag and arcade games for a double date one night. Sheldon is so good at guitar hero that he got to enter his name on the winner board.

My family came out for their spring break to take Rebecca on college visits. They visited us in rexburg for a couple days then went to Utah. When we finished our school week we drove down to Utah to continue to spend time with them. Sheldon got tickets so we could all go to the Jordan River Temple open house. It was so pretty inside, if you ever have time to go to an LDS temple open house I’d highly recommend it.

My family was a part of history as we attended General Conference. We went to the Saturday morning session and were attendance for the solemn assembly as we sustained our new prophet, President Russel M. Nelson. It was a spiritual experience to be able to see the support that he was getting from all the members present and to think that many more across the world were doing so as well. The conference was good, I especially liked the talk by Lynn G. Robbins about success. I like that he says something like, “success is going from failure to failure with the same enthusiasm”. This is a good reminder as a future teacher and to encourage my future students.


Other activities this month included: frisbee golf with friends, having 4 shamrock shakes, got my hair done with a blonde ombré melt, we finally saw the Greatest Showman, I also got a parking ticket LAME.

Crafts: A time lapse video of a family temple painting, Stylized shoot collaborations, painting canvases with some friends, etc.

Catch you next month, Happy April!



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