Climbing, Creativity, and California- Feb 2018

February is over? How could that be? Congrats guys, we have officially made it through two whole months of 2018! We have both been so busy this this month with school that I really don’t have a lot to report about, but here goes…

Sheldon joined the BYUI Ag department on a field trip to California. They were gone for a whole week touring different farms and factories. He was good at keeping me updated with pictures. Some of the places they visited were; Grimmway carrots, Cuties oranges, Sunsweet prune factory, multiple church farms that do tree nuts, and the World Ag Show in Tulare. He was a little skeptical before going, and didn’t know if it would be worth it.  But he loved it! I’m glad he could do that his last semester here.


I totally expected Valentine’s day to be a little bit of a flop since Sheldon was in Cali. But it was actually such a good day. I had many friends and family members reach out to me, I even collected notes and candy. Then the best part was that Sheldon sent me surprise flowers that afternoon, it was so sweet. The night he got back I took him to Applebees for a Valentine’s dinner which totally made up for it.


Other than that we’ve really just been busy in school. Sheldon has really enjoyed teaching archery and spends his free time organizing the closet and fixing things in there. I know the students are really appreciative. He is also taking a welding class that is pretty tough, but he is working so hard on everything it makes me a proud wife.

This semester I am in a bunch of practicum classes so I teach FCS a few times each week at different local schools. This month I’ve taught a few different lessons on cake decorating at the junior high, I taught a group at the library about salsa and we made samples. I also taught lessons on etiquette, table settings, and seam finishes at Rigby High school. Something I really enjoyed was judging Illustrated Talk at the regional FCCLA competition, the students all did a great job. I was so impressed. For an assignment I also made THIS video about motivating students.

Sheldon’s Birthday ended up being pretty fun. My parents got him a crepe maker- which we plan to use soon with some friends. Sheldon gathered birthday money to buy himself some new headphones that he LOVES. Haha. Of all the places he wanted to go for his birthday dinner he chose Mongolian grill, go figure. I bought him a new set of discs to throw and it was actually nice enough one day this month we played with them.


We were blessed to have President’s day that weekend so that we didn’t have school on Sheldon’s birthday. We took Nathan rock climbing with us, but since my wrist was sprained I just took pictures. I also compiled THIS video of the day.


Olympic games- honestly we didn’t watch it every night, but we always enjoy the olympics! Sheldon and I chose out own countries to root for in the different events and came up with out own point system. Team Sheldon killed it because he chose Norway as one of his three. It was a fun way to enjoy the olympics.


Other activities this month included: Tax returns. A stop to Hidden Treasures- our favorite furniture store. We also finally got a calling in church- we are the Sunday school teachers for the marriage and family class. Sheldon went snow boarding with friends. Hosted a game night with some friends. My first time learning martial arts. We saw two movies in theaters; Maze runner, and Black Panther. AND our first shamrock shake of the year! Crafts: Nashville paintings + time lapse video, House painting, Velvet top refashion, Bridal shower invite, and my small business turned 1!





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