The Great Outdoors- Jan 2018

January always begins with a fresh new start and I love it! There’s something about a new planner and some new goals just really motivate me. I’m a little late writing this month, but I am so blessed to be stressed. Here’s January from the Lloyds:

The first week of January we were still in Illinois with my family. We celebrated New Years the Koch family way- with the balloon drop and a movie marathon. I also made my special peanut butter balls. Num!

One of the last nights together before we parted ways we went to Forever Yogurt and played an Escape Room Game. We “escaped” with plenty of time to spare, and the cool part is that everyone had something vitally important to contribute. Family is the best team!

We flew back to Utah with Mckinsey and Dad and helped her move back into school at BYU Provo. Then Dad treated us all to a delicious pizza buffet at Brick Oven. Sheldon and I spent some time in Ikea on the way back to Idaho, but no luck on the hunt for a bedside table.


Winter semester began, this will be Sheldon’s last semester before graduation! He’s actually teaching the archery class on campus and LOVING IT! He goes out of his way to clean, organize, and fix all of the class resources. I’m technically in 3 different practicum classes this semester, so I’ll have a lot of teaching experiences at the end. For one class I had to make a bulletin board to advertise the Family Consumer classes on campus which was fun. I’m also still working as the TA in the kitchen classes which I’m loving.

One night we babysat for Sheldon’s twin brother so they could have a date night. Their little kids are so fun!


It was sad to hear of President Monson’s passing early in January, but really cool to see the progression of the church’s authority. President Russel M. Nelson is our new prophet and I am so happy to sustain him. He has already shown such great leadership qualities like love and humility. I really like THIS article written about his calling to be a prophet.

January is my birthday month! So naturally I have to celebrate all month long… Friday night we went to the Lindsey Stirling concert at BYUI. She never ceases to amaze me with her music, dancing, and testimony.

My birthday was on a Saturday so we went shopping and Iceskating in Idaho Falls. I always enjoy that, and neither of us fell this time. I even practiced spinning a little bit! Bring on the olympics, JK.

Sunday we went for a drive up through Ashton area to see Mesa Falls. It is located in the Caribou- Targhee National Forrest in Idaho. The road to the falls is closed to motorized vehicles in the winter, but this is the view not far from the parking lot. I mostly just wanted to practice taking photos with my new camera.

Rather than things, I collects memories. What I wanted for my birthday was an adventure to Gold Bug Hot Springs. So we made it happen! We brought along our explorer friends Autumn and Ian, and were excited to introduce them to this cool place! It is about 3 hours from Rexburg, just outside of Salmon, Idaho. Sheldon and I went once before in the fall (Read about it HERE). We were excited to see it in a winter setting, but thankfully there was minimal snow and ice. PLUS this time we actually brought swim suits so we could enjoy the hot pools. God’s creations are the best, they really are!


Other activities included: Eating at Portillo’s for lunch, Tower Bridge PaintingSLC Temple Painting, and I’m sure there’s more that I can’t remember….

January Seconds:


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