2018 Goals

First I will discuss goals I made last year and how well I completed them. If you don’t write down and review your goals there is no point. Goals help us to reach a higher potential by maximizing the use of our resources, AND they act as reminders to continually improve ourselves.



Last year’s goals: 1. Use and update my planner daily. I actually am pretty pleased because I was able to stick with them longer than I’d expected. My planner use with extensive color coding lasted through June and I picked it back up in September, and I found it pretty helpful. I will continue to use this system. 2. Exercise 4 X weekly. We actually did this from January through July and we got feeling really fit and strong, it also naturally led into juicing and eating fairly healthy. I’m sad to say though that as soon as our race was done our exercise routine fell and crashed so hard. There can be improvement there. 3. Share my testimony monthly. This one was tough for me, I didn’t record it exactly because it was so broad but I defiantly took opportunities to share my thoughts in church, bear it in testimony meeting, some times on social media, and a few other times. It wasn’t anything I made a big deal about or gave a big discourse, but simply shared when I could. 4. Run an official half marathon. SO HAPPY to have completed this goal, I had great support form family & friends in my training and race prep. At times during training I was in tears of discouragement but I kept with it, and ran the race in less time than we had planned. I loved the feeling of success I felt after completing it. 5. Show selfless love One way I was able to do this was by reaching out to individuals on the online creative community. I also had a prayer in my heart to increase my ability to forgive, which thankfully I was able to do.IMG_5384


  • Jesus Journal
  • Run 2 Half Marathons
  • Graduate College!
  • Explore a New National Park
  • 1 Creative Project Each Week

SPIRITUAL: Jesus Journal. I was inspired by my sister Mckinsey, she just returned from her Mission in Germany and shared; “They challenged us to start keeping a ‘Christ Journal’ in which we write thoughts about, something we learned about, or and experience we had with the Savior.” “Everyone should keep a Christ Journal, it’s one of my most favorite things ever. It’s great to have a specific few minutes each day to ponder the Savior…” I will write these things down in my planner at the end of each day.

PHYSICAL: Run 2 Half Marathons. Now that I know I can do it, I want to run more! I’ll probably do one in late spring, and one in the fall before I do my student teaching. In preparation for my 2 halfs, Sheldon and I will run 5x weekly and do strength workouts 3x weekly. We also want to learn how to count MacroNutrients to eat better.

EDUCATIONAL: Graduate College! Sheldon and I plan to graduate this year. He has one more semester, I have two more plus student teaching. We just have to work hard in our last few classes and we can make it. We have enjoyed being students, but will be so happy to have that done. We plan to walk in July Graduation. WOOHOO!

TRAVEL: Explore a New National Park. We really won’t have much time to travel with work/ school/ student teaching. But we will have a short window of time in the summer that we plan to enjoy with travel! Bonus points if we can hit up a new state, I’d especially love to get to Texas sometime.

CREATIVE: 1 Creative Project Each Week. I LOVE this tip from my friend Celine as she was improving her photography. She challenged herself to do one creative photoshoot each week to improve her skills and keep things creative. I plan on adapting that idea to my own style. I will do at least one creative project a week that I feel proud of. This will help challenge me to try new things and also create content for my craft blog. Win win. keeping creativity in my life keeps me sane.

I’m excited about these goals and know they are achievable. Bring on 2018!


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