2017 Review

2017 was a great year for us! We’ve been challenged in new ways and had some special moments together. I’m excited for the memories we will make in 2018! Here are our highlights from each month this year:



  • Celebrated New Years with family and friends in Illinois
  • Started Juicing
  • Creatively celebrated my birthday
  • Snowmobiling in Grace


img_1030F E B R U A R Y

  • Launched my little craft website
  • Sheldon’s birthday!
  • BYU Basketball game
  • Bought our first car together


IMG_1168M A R C H

  • Trip to Mesquite, Nevada
  • 3 fun field trips for class
  • High school teaching experiences
  • First craft collaboration
  • Sheldon is Promoted!


IMG_1743A P R I L

  • Moved Back to Grace, Idaho
  • Left FCCLA State competition with a silver medal
  • Celebrated 1st our first wedding Anniversary
  • Idaho Falls temple open house
  • Visited with my family in Utah


IMG_2322M A Y

  • Shoshone Falls trip
  • Began 1/2 Marathon training
  • Grand Tetons day trip


IMG_2615J U N E

  • Completed a tractor quilt
  • Went Social Media “free” for a month
  • Began my internship
  • Demolition Derby
  • Sheldon buys Archery Equipment


IMG_7562J U L Y

  • Celebrated America, my favorite holiday!
  • Visited Nauvoo, Illinois with my family
  • Ran our first official 1/2 Marathon!


IMG_3320A U G U S T

  • Visited 4 different fairs
  • Scenic razor rides with friends
  • Survived the eclipse
  • “Lagoon” theme park in Utah


IMG_3715S E P T M E B E R

  • Moved back to Rexburg, Idaho
  • Sheldon bought me a serger
  • Muse/ 30 Seconds to mars/ PVRIS concert
  • Day trip to Yellowstone with friends
  • Changed my hair to brunette




  • Drive to Mesa Falls
  • Worked as kitchen TA
  • Pumpkin carving


IMG_4675N O V E M B E R

  • Celebrated Thanksgiving
  • Made pies, on pies, on pies
  • Black Friday shopping
  • Skeet Shooting


DSC00033D E C E M B E R

  • Sheldon’s work party
  • My first catering experience
  • BYU Basketball game
  • Spend Christmas in Illinois with my family
  • Day trip down town Chicago


2017 Seconds (Full Year):



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