Christmas in Chicago (December ’17)

And that’s it for 2017!

We started off December by going to Sheldon’s Work Christmas Party in Logan, Utah with some friends. The food was great because it was held at the Copper Mill Steakhouse, we also played a funny baby photo matching game.

The #LightTheWorld Christmas initiative was fun this year, I started strong with a lot of small service acts early on, but kinda faded half way through. One night we had several people over to watch the LDS Christmas Devotional and I made a bunch of Pupusas for everyone. Num.


My final for my catering class was doing all the food for the Fashion Show on campus. Our menu included cheese balls/ crackers, cranberry meatballs, mint chocolate fudge, and LOTS of molasses cookies. We worked hard to make enough for all in attendance (about 400 people) and ended up with extra food.

We finished up all of our finals for the semester early which was nice, but that also meant that I had to do my kitchen cleaning later on. I had to help clean the grease traps in the school kitchens and It was honestly one of the worst things i’ve ever had to do. So gross. Once that was done we packed our bags to spend some time in Utah with my Grandma. On our way through we did Christmas in Grace with his family. While with my grandma we helped her with a few of her projects around the house. She was also sweet and paid for us to go to Texas Roadhouse.

We also went to a BYU Game while in Utah! Sheldon was really looking forward to the BYU- Utah Basketball game so we ended up getting tickets. It was a late night, but they won, so that’s what matters, I guess. It was pretty fun actually!

Ok so it was supposed to be a surprise for Mckinsey, but I guess she figured it out…. But we flew to Chicago to be with my family for Christmas! We got up early on Sunday to fly out and arrived just after they got out of church. It has been 18 months since we were all together because Mckinsey had been on her LDS mission in Germany. It was fun to get to see her and hear her stories.

We celebrated Mckinsey’s homecoming with chocolate fondue, german chocolate and and chocolate cupcakes! We had a little gathering for her and I got to see some old friends which was fun.

IMG_5623 (1)          IMG_8236 (1)

One of the first things we did in Illinois was bake gingerbread cookies. Sheldon loved decorating gingerbread houses so much last year that we had to make sure to do that again this year. We just got a bunch of candy from the dollar store to decorate them. We enjoyed the process as we listened to some Christmas music.

More Christmas service included spending time at the Chicago LDS Temple, which was a surprisingly full session. We also worked at the Bishop’s Storehouse stocking shelves and shopping for those in need over the holidays. We always enjoy doing that.

Sheldon really wanted to make sure that we made it downtown Chicago. We all went together on the train and PACKED the day full of fun activities! I had my first Uber ride which was way easier than I’d expected.

First we started our day downtown at the Shedd Aquarium. We walked around to see all the exhibits and funny fish which was amusing. I especially liked seeing all the statues that were made with recycled materials. But then we got special VIP tickets to the dolphin show so we got padded seats. So that was pretty cool. We got lunch there with a great view of the city.

We took another Uber from there to the Art Institute of Chicago. We were especially excited to see American Gothic, Sunday at the Park, and the armor exhibit. We wandered around there for awhile and found some great quilts, and left inspired by Monet.

While downtown we had to take a picture at the “Bean” it’s a must, so we walked through Millennium Park for just a quick minute. From there we went to the Christkindlmarket in Daley Plaza. Mckinsey says that they have really similar things to the Christmas markets in Germany, but it is a lot more expensive, haha. It was so packed full of people we could hardly walk through it all.

Christmas morning was fun. The kittens loved having presents under the tree for a hiding place. We had waffles for breakfast and each carefully unwrapped each gift one at a time. Opening gifts lasted from 8am until noon, Sheldon says that the he likes when Christmas Magic lasts so long. He got a Dremel from my parents which he is so thrilled about, and I gave him the Super Nintendo Classic. He has loved having some down time over break to be able to play it. He was very sweet to me and bought me the camera that I’ve been wanting for awhile, so I’ve been learning how to use it.

We had great plans to go get our pictures taken in a park, but it was so cold outside that we had our photographer take pictures in our house. We had Britton take them and she always does a nice job.

My parents were kind enough to treat us to a fancy dinner and show. We went to Drury Lane for a nice lunch then after got to see “42nd Street” preformed by the Chicago Theater Company. The tap dancing was amazing and the show was really entertaining, we especially liked that they danced in piles of coins when they sang “We’re in the Money”. It was fun to dress up and feel fancy for the day.

That evening Sheldon and I joined my friend Veronica and her boyfriend on a double date to dessert in Geneva. We went to the All Chocolate Kitchen and shared gelato and a grasshopper brownie. YUM! Then we carpooled to see the Larson’s Christmas Light show, which was even crazier than last year.

So my first roommate in College and long time friend, Autumn, got married! We went to their wedding reception which was pretty. The best part is that she ended up marrying a guy from Grace too. It was fun to see them, congrats guys!


Other activities this month include: Teaching Kitchen Classes, deep cleaning the kitchens, ward party, gathering Idaho potatoes, pupusa dinner date, Giordano’s pizza, shopping, wrapping gifts, baking, etc. Movies: Sheldon watched the new star wars, and together we saw Ferdinand the bull. My crafts included: creating custom paintings, my 2018 calendar, gift tags, and more.

December Seconds Video:

And that’s a wrap! Bring on 2018!



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