Bullet Flowers, “Coco”, and 100+ Pies (November ’17)

Hey Friends! November is a month for family, pumpkin pie, and bundling up for the winter. We had our first snowfall and it made us a little sad tbh. But we have kept busy which keeps me thankful. We are truly so blessed and so fortunate to be were we are and have what we do. ❤️

Early in November I went right for Walmart’s halloween decor. I got all these great pumpkins and some halloween baking molds for like $15 total. I love bargain shopping, specially because pumpkins last for thanksgiving decor too! November started out great!


My preschool class has been pretty enjoyable actually. I’ve taught my last lesson for the semester about hats and patterns. I took a few pictures from the different activities we have done as a class (not all my ideas). I think the most successful activity so far this semester was stacking simple solo cups!

My catering class has completed several more challenges. We created a year’s menu for a hospital with dietary restrictions, created food for a “prison”, and we baked like 40 pies for a local shelter. Now we are preparing to cater for the fashion show, so we each presented our ideas. We will be cooking and prepping for that in the next few weeks.

I’ve also had several opportunities to teach FCS classes as the TA. I shared with the practicum class about my FCCLA experiences and lead two cookie labs. I’m happy to share that I will continue as the TA next semester also. I’ve really enjoyed the job. I mean I prepped for and tasted like 130 pies that the different cooking classes made so it gets pretty lit up here. Lol. 🤓

Sheldon is killing it in his archery class. He has done so well that his teacher asked if he would teach in the winter semester! He’s so excited to do that, good thing we got him a nice bow to practice with. He is also so diligent with his other major classes; he’s had many long papers to write and several important presentations.


I made some pies at home for a little service project and gave them to someone who was very busy. I felt like she needed them and hoped it eased her burden. ❤️

For Thanksgiving we spent time in Grace. It was nice to have a little bit of a break from things and just hang out in Grace again. I made the yams and raspberry crunch salad for the Thanksgiving feast. Everything in our meal tasted great! It was fun to see the little nephews play together and have all of Sheldon’s family in one place for a bit. While there we also painted little nutcrackers for our Christmas craft.

We also did some early black Friday shopping in Pocatello, which was crazy busy. But we really scored! We joined Aunt Jeanie, Kelsey, and Craig. We packed the car full, full, full between all of our purchases. Walmart was the craziest of the three stores we visited, I had a shopping cart slam into my behind. Haha. It is a fun tradition.

Friday we all went shooting. Bow and arrow, riffle, shotgun, pistols… you name it we shot it. I actually would have made my papa Sonny proud, I shot 3/4 of the skeet. I think that was my favorite part actually! It was such a nice day out and I especially liked the “flowers” that the hollow point bullets made. We even blew up a few pounds of Tannerite. Good time had by all.

Another thing we did while on break was go to watch the new Pixar movie, “Coco”. It is such a cute movie, highly recommended. The movie plays off of the hispanic holiday “Day of the Dead”, and talks about honoring your family and remembering your ancestors. (Totally a family history movie!) Though it was technically based off Mexico, it totally brought me back to my mission days! I had a beautiful colorful cemetery in one of my areas in El Salvador, and we were there during Day of the Dead. The animation of the colorful flowers and memorabilia pulled on my heart strings a little. Also it helps to enjoy the movie more if you understand Spanish- but not a must. Sheldon really liked it too. 🙃

Once we got back from break we were able to decorate for Christmas! I am a person that very much believes in celebrating one holiday at a time. So Christmas music/ decorations cannot begin for me until after Thanksgiving. But now that the time is right- LET IT BEGIN! Our little apartment feels so warm and homey now and I love it. Call me childish but simple white Christmas lights can make me so happy.

Now that it is getting so cold out we have to get creative in our activities. Between classes we went bowling on campus it only costs $1.50 a person. Not that I’m any good, but we enjoyed a quick little break.


Other activities from this month: Double date to Buffalo Wild Wings, giant craft fair in Idaho falls, game night with some friends in our ward, watched all of the Harry Potter movies, family Skype calls, lots of home made pizza, Baylee’s surprise birthday party, my favorite hot chocolate, deep cleaning, a few late night ice cream trips with friends, giving our nice/nephews early christmas gifts, and more watercolor paintings! We also bought a panini maker that has changed our lives! haha.

November Seconds-

Yay christmas is SO soon! eep! Happy holidays.


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