Waterfalls, Pumpkins, and Preschool (October ’17)

October was another full month. Less than 2 months until Christmas!

First off we always have General Conference in October, which only happens twice a year. The LDS church prepares several talks and musical numbers that we get to hear in special broadcast meetings. One talk that I felt was especially relevant and touched me was given by Sister Oscarson. She talked about how we should help those around us. She said, “Some of the most significant needs we can meet are within our own families, among our friends, in our wards, and in our communities.” That was my favorite, but there were so many great ones this time!

Fall in Idaho isn’t as colorful as in the midwest, but there are some pretty yellow trees and crisp fresh air. The temperature was nice enough that we could spend some time outside running and playing disc golf.

One Saturday afternoon we drove Mesa Falls. It really isn’t very far from Rexburg, and I can’t believe it has taken us this long to get there. It was a very windy day- but what’s new in Idaho? You are able to walk up close to the falls and it’s so pretty there! Just the drive alone was quite scenic. If you can spare 45 mins I’d totally suggest it!

Work has been pretty fun this semester. Sometimes it gets old folding so many dish rags, but I was able to teach two different classes for my teacher! She was unable to teach, so as her TA I taught a lesson on how to make omelettes, and another lesson on broccoli cauliflower soup! I felt strangely comfortable standing in front of that classroom to teach. It’s cool to think that a year from now I’ll be student teaching, YAY!

IMG_4301I’ve also been doing another type of teaching this semester… Preschool! The other teachers in my class are great and the children we have are SO fun! I mean the songs get stuck in my head which isn’t cool, haha but it is fun. I taught my first lesson on movement & literacy and my second lesson was on vehicles & speech. On vehicle day Sheldon came as our special guest and let the children sit in the school’s tractor, they LOVED it! Here are a few pictures of some of the activities that I’ve done so far.

My catering class has been pretty fun too. So we haven’t actually catered events yet, but we will for the fashion show. Each week we get a challenge that we are supposed to plan and price for as the “manager” then we work together to create samples of each of our items. This month we had a challenge to create a meal for an old folks home, for a homeless shelter, and menu for an elementary school. The one I was in charge of was the homeless shelter. It was a fun challenge because We were given a mystery produce item that we had to incorporate into the meal. It worked perfectly with mine because we did a cashew chicken, fried rice and veggies, broccoli salad, and a carrot apple muffin. Our mystery ingredient ended up being zucchini which fit great into the muffin and into the fried veggies. I’m happy with how it turned out. We also each had to make an instructional video for different items in the kitchen, mine was on the kitchen scale.

Sheldon is loving his archery class and has been watching youtube videos at night to improve his form. He was the first in his class to split an arrow and the first to “graduate” to the nicer recurve arrows which he was happy about. His other classes are pretty difficult. For his health class he has to count his calories, so we have both been doing that the last few weeks. We have been eating a lot more veggies to round out our nutrition and eating smaller portions. I’ve also decided that Halo Top ice cream is my new best friend because it has like 1/3 the calories as normal ice cream and is still way delicious!

So I haven’t really appreciated the wonderful giant midwestern pumpkin patches until I came here. The pumpkin patches here are so tiny and pitiful. Come on, Idaho. Haha. There were only two that we could find within a 3 hour driving radius, sad huh? Swore Farms was the better of the two and actually had some great pumpkins for .25 a lb. That is where we ended up getting our pumpkins, and I found the most perfect plump one!


We went back to Grace the weekend before Halloween. We spent it well. We most hung out with Kelsey and Scott. We blew up an old refrigerator with Tannerite which was pretty crazy. Then we carved our pumpkins with Kelsey and Scott. I used a drill to puncture a bunch of holes in mine which was pretty fun. It is cute because Sheldon saves up all his creativity and artistic talent for halloween and goes all out on his pumpkins every year. He loves it, this year he did a mountain biker. Our pumpkins had so many seeds that we roasted the seeds. Scott introduced us to the idea of adding cinnamon sugar and they were so delicious! Sheldon also got to fly a drone and went to the haunted house in Grace with them and Nathan later in the evening.

Other Activities this month include: My halloween crafts/decorations and U. S. Map Painting. Rexburg’s OcTUBER fest with root beer. Seeing President Eyring’s art exhibit was very inspiring. I had my first serger class, which taught me SO much and got me very excited. I got pretty sick with a cold for about 2 weeks, but I’m better now. We went to game night with our friend Brandon and played Cover Your Assets, so fun! We went to Texas Roadhouse one night to celebrate 1.5 years married. We also spent time in the Rexburg temple one evening.

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