Fair Week and Razor Rides (August ’17)

I’m really going to miss summer evenings like we had this August. It was a great month for us before we have to move back to School again. Idaho is so beautiful and I am so grateful to be able to live and explore here. It is fun to live in a farm town and watch the grain change color and the process of harvest over time.

Fair week at the Caribou County is always the summer highlight for those in Grace. Admittance is free, so everyone in town seems to hang out on fair grounds all week long. Sheldon and a few friends helped to mount the new entrance sign with large 15 foot poles and cement. It was no easy project but it turned out nicely. I entered several arts/crafts into the fair and even attempted to decorate a cake for it. The theme for the fair entries this year was we’ve got a good thing growin’. I was able to volunteer in the hobbies and crafts to help people register their items. It was actually really fun, I enjoyed seeing so much talent displayed. In the end I actually ended up making a good amount of money from the fair this year because of everything that I entered.

On the weekend we met up with some friends/family to watch the rodeo one night, it was a group of cowboys that travel through the western states, so they were all really good! It was an impressive show actually. Saturday we were able to get into the motocross show and saw some crazy people jump their bikes. (We also got pelted with dirt from the razor race.) That evening Sheldon and I both volunteered at our church’s food booth and assembled several burgers. Man fair week is so fun, but you eat the best/worst food all week. Haha.

It has been a Lloyd family tradition to ride up to Mt. Baldy for the 4th of July. Since we missed that chance earlier this year, we took the razor and went up on two separate occasions this August. One evening we didn’t make it to the top but we explored around with BEAUTIFUL sights of the valley. The second time was as a double date with our friends Brandon and Hannah. Thankfully they were adventurous because once we made it to the top we wandered around to find the best views. We probably took too many pictures but it was so fun! The double date continued as a BBQ then we made our own outdoor theater by projecting a movie on the side of the house. So fun, we are going to miss summer nights like these!

You’d think that we had enough “fair” for awhile, but we got tickets to the Monster Truck show at the Preston Fair and couldn’t resist. I promise we aren’t redneck, like some of our activities make us look. Haha, we just like to keep things fun.


The Nation’s most anticipated summer event= the Solar Eclipse. Personally I expected to see a full eclipse from here in Grace, because we are SO CLOSE to the zone of totality, but for me it was a flop. I was home alone because Monday is laundry day so I stepped out at 11:25am to view it. I did notice the sky got a little darker and that there was no air movement, no wind at all. It was a little erie BUT the major thing I noticed was the many little crescent shaped shadows and that the field of sheep a crossed the street were making their evening “Baaaas”. Sadly I was unable to view the eclipse without the special glasses because from our angle here it never was a complete eclipse. Still a cool phenomenon though. Sheldon was at work when the eclipse happened so when he got home I suprised him with our own little viewing party. We projected the NASA video of the eclipse on our wall and watched it together and had a little picnic on the floor. We still made it fun and memorable.

We started our weekend a little early, Sheldon and I worked together to help take inventory in two of the Valley Implement stores. When we realized a lot of inventory was missing in Tremonton we learned that several tractors were taken to the Box Elder County Fair to show. So we hit up another fair, to check that they were accounted for! Haha, so together we went to 3 different fairs this August. On our way through Utah we spent the evening at my Grandma’s house and got to see my cousin. It is always good to check in with her and she is always so nice to let us stay the night.

As our last final summer adventure we went to Lagoon. We get discounted through our auto insurance company, so we had to take advantage of that. We got there right when the park opened and it was so empty at first. We hit like 4 rides in the first 20 minutes and decided we needed to slow it down or we would get dizzy and worn out fast! haha. After that it got really busy, we left the park for lunch, then returned for a few more rides. We enjoyed many different rides through out the day, but we were especially thankful for the water rides when it was so hot out. Sheldon’s favorite coaster was the newest one called Cannibal which was pretty insane. The one that I liked best was Colossus the Fire Dragon. It was such a fun day packed with lots or adrenaline rushes and screaming. Haha. We left the park about 6:00 pm then started drive back to Idaho. We hit Buffalo Wild Wings on the way back where our server was an old friend from Illinois. Small world.

So this month we received some clarity. Remember that Sheldon has been working in Preston to learn a little bit more about the company by trying out a new job. Well after talking to the owner of the company they concluded that Sheldon would be returning to Grace. SO when we finish School the plan is to return to Grace so he can continue on the parts counter at Valley Implement. I know this will make many farmers in the valley happy, because they said that they really miss him there. Sheldon is great at parts and really enjoys it there. While this is great news for us to look forward to, I am personally struggling with this decision a little. I love little Grace, Idaho, don’t get me wrong. The simple country lifestyle is great, I love running along the long grain fields, plus it really is beautiful here. However, living in the town that Sheldon grew up in has been really difficult for me to make friends. So we aren’t “new”. Hopefully it gets easier to connect to people and get involved in the community when we move back next year when we are a little more perminent.

Other activities this August included: A trip to Lava Hot Springs for the famous square ice cream and swimming, A back-to-school shopping day in Logan, continued work days, evening bike rides, Chinese food in Soda Springs, continue to teach Sunday school, baking several batches of homemade Oreos (similar recipe), a cousin’s mission homecoming, lots of painting, replaced our car tires, and purging/organizing/packing in preparation to move back to school in early Sept.

August Seconds:

I hope you were able to squeeze in some last minute fun before school starts again.


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