Freedom Ringing (July ’17)

I feel like I say this a lot, but July went by SO dang fast. I’m just over here trying to enjoy summer and I feel like it is almost gone already.

I’ve still been working part time at the local golf course, and at the grill in town, as well as 3 online classes, and 1/2 marathon training. Sheldon is still working at Valley Implement in Preston and says that the commute is tough since it takes up so much of his day. Despite our busy work days we find time in the evenings to spend together.

The 3rd of July we hung out with some of Sheldon’s Cousins. Sheldon played a little bit of trumpet for me. That evening we watched as they lit off several fireworks in their back yard which was fun.

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday. In the morning we celebrated by going to the parade in Soda Springs and we returned with SO. MUCH. CANDY! I made my own patriotic dress to wear for the day (Read about it HERE). After eating lunch we went to Idaho Falls to spend the rest of the day with Sheldon’s twin brother and family. We bought some pizzas, did some shopping around town, and the boys worked on a truck. Later that night we went to the fireworks show, which was supposedly the largest in the west. It was seriously the best show I’ve seen in awhile because it was timed so well to the music and even the theme of the color matched each of the songs. The thing about this show is that it is in a new location than ever before, so they had to prepare new parking lots for all the people. For many it was a nightmare to get out after the show, thankfully we were in the first line of cars, but it still took us 30 mins or so just to leave.

So this is small, but still exciting to me. I’ve never worked while doing school, but I was offered a job for this next semester and couldn’t resist. I’m basically hired as the TA for he cooking classes. I’ll grade vocabulary, set up/ portion out food for each class, clean, and do laundry. It shouldn’t be very hard, especially since I’ll be in that building for all my classes anyway. I think it’ll be fun and great experience in preparing to be an FCS teacher!

Sheldon’s Grandparent’s from AZ drove up to visit the family in Idaho. It was fun to spend a few evenings with them while they were in town.

We took our summer vacation to Illinois to visit my family. While we were there we spent 3 days in Nauvoo (a small Pioneer town on the Mississippi River). AND we ran our much anticipated Half-Marathon! It was so fun to spend that short while with them. Read about full details on that trip HERE.

Other Activities in July included: Watching Spiderman in the Outdoor theater, Texas Roadhouse dinner, rolling coins from our coin jar, making a small 4th Quilt, finishing spring semester online, doing photography and webpage design for the Grill, ice cream in Lava, hanging the new fair sign, and baking too many cookies.

July Seconds Video:

Savor the rest of your summer!



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