Prayers Answered (June ’17)

Time flies when you are busy. We have kept pretty busy this month, and now July is here. How can that be? Here is our little June update from the Lloyds.

First of all we got to meet our new little nephew. Cooper was born, and we got to hold him for the first time at the hospital. I gave him the little tractor play quilt that I made. (Okay he was technically born last month, but I had already written my blog by then.) Precious little thing.

IMG_2042I’m sure several of you read about my idea to go social media free this month. It was prompted by an email from my sister Mckinsey, I just don’t need the constant negativity I see on Facebook. At first it was hard, like I was afraid of not knowing what was going on. But now I feel so free, I don’t feel the constant need to check notifications and I love it. This may last longer than I thought, because I’m getting so much more done now. If you want to read the whole rant, its on any of my socials. But for now, I’ll just stick to journaling on my blog.


I’ll be real to anyone reading right now. I’ve been really stressed out about how I was going to make things work with my internship for my graduation plan. There were some weird logistics that have changed and I was putting things off. Well I decided that I really needed to figure things out, so I drove up to Rexburg one day with Sheldon’s mom. I met with my teacher advisor and we talked through several solutions that just didn’t feel right. I told her my concerns and she looked at me and asked, “why don’t you do your internship right now?” Which hadn’t even crossed my mind! It was the perfect solution, I needed something else to fill my time in the summer so it would kill two birds with one stone! A total answer to prayers. I frantically searched for some place to work that had anything to do with consumer science, and I got a job at the local diner (3C Grill.) Working there will give me a better idea about the food industry for when I teach high school foods classes. So that will great! I’m so excited because I’ll also be helping them with some marketing and other side projects. I feel SO much better about where I stand for graduation now. Sigh of relief.

So I am currently working two part time jobs, doing two online classes, and training for a half marathon. All that is keeping me pretty busy but Sheldon and I still make time to spend meaningful evenings together. He is so sweet and supportive to me and all I do, even after his long work days in Preston. Our evenings together are short, but we make sure they are fun. A few of our evening adventures this month have included: a short hike up the cinder cone, driving around in the razor, finding formation caves, and watching the geyser in Soda Springs. We have also gone out to the shooting range a few times and learned to reload the shells.

One  weekend this month we went to Logan to go to the temple. It was really refreshing because it has been awhile since we have done a full session. Logan is a pretty temple and their grounds always have beautiful landscaping.


How can I not mention the beautiful flowers? June flowers were on point let me tell you. My poppies all came out, the pink peony bush bloomed, and the many colored irises around town have me swooning. I also love that there are so many wild rose bushes around Grace, they are so perfect. Even our little indoor lemon tree blossomed for us.

Sheldon took me out to a demolition derby one weekend. We brought a friend and did dinner at New York Deli then went to the demo derby in Preston. It was pretty different. I’ll say I’ve never experienced anything like that before, but it kept me laughing. It was very redneck but so fun.

Sheldon signed up for an Archery class next semester and I guess that was the push he needed to get something he has been wanting for many years now. A bow. We went to Idaho falls so we could get him the one he’s had his eye on (THIS ONE.) Believe it or not Cabela’s actually had the best deal on it. He’s so giddy to try it out now and can’t wait for his class to start.


Other Activities this month include: Daily running/ race training, I made this birthday sign for my mom, we did sacrament meeting for the rest homes, painted another commissioned art piece, watched Cars 3 in the theater, signed up for fall classes, helped to make decorations for the county fair, taught our cute Sunday school kids, weekly episodes of America’s Got Talent, baked some amazing homemade oreos, got some square ice cream in Lava, and our neighbor’s adorable little colt was born.

JUNE SECONDS VIDEO- I have an app that makes a short video from the photos you take each day. It is called One Second Everyday and I’ve found it to be a really fun way to quickly document our month. So these are my “seconds” from June. (I just went back and added the “seconds videos” to each of my past blog posts this year.) I’ll be including these short videos from now on.

Have a happy July!


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