What were we thinking? (May ’17)

We did what?! What were we thinking? Something pretty crazy is going down soon, find out later in the blog… we are way excited about it!

As a partial continuation from last month I was able to have some good sister time with Rebecca. I was still in Utah for the first few days of May so we were able to go shopping, and do face masks. We scored some awesome floral dresses! We went shopping all day, our favorite places we went to were: Cozy Fashions, Called to SurfThe Wood Connection. Most importantly, I got some fun time with my family for a few days and it was so nice. I appreciate that my mom drove me back to Idaho. She took me to lunch on the way back, it was in this cute little country diner in Tremonton, UT.


Sheldon and I don’t have as much time together as we used to because he works so late in Preston now. We really have to take advantage of the time that we do get, especially the weekends. The Saturday before Mother’s Day we chose to drive to Shoshone Falls (in Twin Falls not far from the temple). The falls were huge and quite impressive honestly, they only charge $3 a car. It was a beautiful sight to see and had some easy hikes around it. We were a little worried that the weather would be bad because it had been very windy and rainy in Grace the day before, thankfully we were blessed with a pretty day. The drive there and back were nice too, it was an enjoyable afternoon together.


Mother’s Day was a busy one for us. After church we got to Skype Mckinsey who is on her mission in Germany (See her mission blog HERE). Missionaries only get to call home twice a year, so this was a big deal. Next time I hear her voice she will be back in the USA! She seems to be doing well. For Mother’s day I made food for the Lloyd’s, so that the moms didn’t have to cook. Then we went to visit Shel’s Grandma and called my own parents. It was a day full of family and food.



Just like last year, I am working at the local golf course. I’m still no golf expert but I run the office and take money. It is an easy little summer job for while I do my 2 online classes. It also helps me to get to know people around town a little better too.



SOMETHING CRAZY: My dad invited me to join him in the Hoffman Estates Half Marathon in July, so I decided to do it too. Sheldon said if I could do it, then so could he. We are signed up and have started our training for the race. It’ll be part of our visit to Illinois this summer. We have began our training with daily runs and occasional bike rides. Funny story there has been a gross dead dog in the road that we had to pass every day so Sheldon dropped it of the bridge so we didn’t have to smell that nasty thing anymore. It was equally hilarious as disgusting. Point is, we are signed up for our first official half marathon. Call us crazy for racing 13.1 miles, but we are very excited!


We have been enjoying springtime around our house. Remember those paper-whites that I got from my mom for my birthday? I’ve planted them outside and they are doing pretty well. Sheldon and I enjoy sitting on the porch outside because the chickens and kittens love us. I think the chickens love us a little too much- its almost creepy when they stare at me through the window all day. Its fun to live on a farm, without the responsibility of living on a farm, we get to enjoy the animals around us.


When my parents came out to Utah they brought the top layer of our wedding cake. It has been frozen for a year, and it made it from Illinois to Idaho in one piece. Seriously it still tasted amazing as our anniversary cake a year later. I approve of this wedding tradition!


On one particularly nice afternoon I decided to go foraging for wildflowers around our little town. I cut some pretty blossoms; even though I’m pretty sure some may have been weeds. It was fun to adventure around and enjoy this beautiful valley on a nice day!


For Memorial Day weekend we planned the best trip to Grand Teton National Park. Our destinations were: Jenny Lake, Colter Bay, Jackson Hole, and Afton WY. Read more about about our amazing day trip HERE!


Other Activities from May include: Meeting a real fireman with my little nephew- he was so thrilled, went to go see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in theaters- not my favorite, Roadhouse dinner with some friends and family, teaching Sunday school, taking my two online classes, doing several different craft projects, Sunday evening drives, we replaced our retro refrigerator, and welcomed a lemon tree into our home.

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