Anniversary Celebrations and Family time (April ’17)

Early April means General Conference weekend, which I always enjoy. We were able to listen to words of our church Prophets and Apostles. It was great guidance for our lives today. My favorite talk was from Saturday morning; “Brighter and Brighter until the Perfect Day” by Elder Mark A. Bragg. He talked about how we naturally look for the light and seek for the truth, in everything. There was a large focus on the influence of the Holy Ghost in our lives through the whole conference. So on Sunday we made a pupusa platter to munch on during conference it was delicious.

The first week of April was a little insane, I had to finish all of my finals and projects before I left for my Boise trip. I’m not sure how I got everything done, because it was seriously insane how productive I was. Haha, but I did it all and got good grades in the end too, whew.

That next week I left on my FCCLA Trip to Boise. I competed in “Teach and Train” and took silver at state. It was such a fun time to spend with fellow classmates, we enjoyed the experience! Read more about that competition HERE.

Sheldon was amazing because while I was gone for 3 days he was able to pack up our whole place in Rexburg and load everything into the trailer. As soon as I got home we slept on an air mattress in the empty apartment and cleaned the entire next morning before checking out. Whirlwind, let me tell you. BUT… then we moved to Grace! We made it and settled back into our little house. We are SO happy to be back! Sheldon began his new job in Preston, and is learning things very quickly. I think he is really going to like it there!

That next weekend was Easter Sunday. Things are starting to grow and become green which makes me happy. Thankful for my family and for our loving Savior. It was a wonderful day. We painted some white plastic eggs can you tell who painted each set? Haha.

So while we are living in Grace, Idaho for the summer I will be taking some online classes. Hopefully I will also be working in the local golf course again too. It should be a great few months back in this cute town. I’ve been out running a few times and it’s been a little cold but I’ve seen some pretty views already.

Though we are renting, we made an agreement with our neighbors to paint the house. Before it was a shiny white paint that just had gotten a little old and dirty, so we painted over it with a matte creme color called “soft pelican”. I also painted our TV stand a rustic blue color. It all helps the room feel warmer and cleaner, we like it a lot (minus the psychedelic carpet, haha).

The weekend of April 22 was our anniversary weekend; we celebrated by going to Idaho Falls for the temple open house. I’ll say it was really pretty. They did a nice job preserving the original paintings inside watch THIS video to see how. I highly recommend making the trip to walk through with your family before the dedication.

As part of our anniversary weekend we ate in Olive Garden, toured the Idaho Falls Temple, and walked around the greenbelt. The greenbelt is just the walkway around the park and along the river by the temple. It is also where Sheldon proposed in December 2016 so it was really romantic to walk around there on such a pretty day! We also opened our wedding time capsule; it was so fun to read all of your sweet notes and suggestions from the receptions. Thank you to those that wrote us! I love the purple dress I wore, it’s from LulaRoe, My sister-in-law Rachel sells it now and their clothes are so comfy!

The last week in April we spent in Utah with my family! They flew out to come to a wedding so we got to drive down and see them! It’s been so fun to catch up; spending time with family is better than our weekly Skype calls. We all went to Sydney and John’s wedding reception at a beautiful venue, and there were so many people we knew. It was fun to see everyone from Illinois! Plus the flower blooms were gorgeous there, I seriously can’t wait for Idaho to catch up with the spring weather that Utah has now!

I still have a few more days with my family before they leave to go back to Illinois, but we plan to visit later this summer. We are so excited for all that this summer brings. I personally love living in Grace, everyone is so kind to us and I love watching the crops grow a little more each day. We have the cutest animals in our back yard that are quite entertaining. I can’t wait for summer runs along the long grain fields. There is something adorable and endearing about a small Idaho town.

Other memorable things from this April: Finishing winter semester finals, passing Rexburg apartment clean checks, making plenty of crafts and cupcakes, and getting a church calling to teach Sunday school (12- 13 yr olds).

Excited to see how May treats us. Enjoy Spring!

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