Teaching, field trips, and shamrock shakes! (March ’17)

We are SO glad that spring has come to Idaho, but it sure makes concentrating on school work so much more difficult because we just want to get out and play. We have packed so much in these past 31 days. Does anyone else feel like March lasted longer than it should have? haha. This is what our month looked like:

So for my classes I’ve been making quite a few lesson plans and had to practice teaching FCS. I got to teach real students in a real classroom, it was awesome! My first class was a foods class about grains. My second class was a finance class about using credit. Both went really well; I incorporated fun activities into the lessons and I think that the students really enjoyed them.

Early March was still quite cold in Rexburg; we needed an escape to find the sun. Shel and his brothers decided it would be fun to get out of the cold by going to Mesquite, Nevada. They are all big into dirt bikes and hill climbs, so this place is one of their favorites. I’ve never been there before, so it was a very different experience for me. While the boys played in the dirt I got to soak in the sun and it felt so good! (We went from 30 degrees and windy in Rexburg to like 70 degrees and sunny in Mesquite!) Plus the terrain was pretty with all the cacti and mountainous background. We got buffet style food and played bowling at night. Though it was a long drive, it was exactly the kind of getaway that we needed. So fun!

Pi day! (3.14 = March 14) We had to celebrate this special holiday with some pie. I made two small fruit pies, and Shel bought us an apple pie. 🙂 Too many pies for two people? Probably.

After walking back from the Testing center on a Saturday afternoon, I ran into the Temples/ Kingstons on their college visit here! They are both families from my home ward in Illinois, so it was SO fun to see them and give them a bit of a tour around BYUI.


The crazy thing is that I have 3 field trips during this semester of classes. One of those was for my foundations science class- Natural Disasters. On the trip we toured different local natural disaster sites: Teton Dam, Island Park caldera, Henry’s Lake, the Madison Slide, and Hebgen Lake fault scarp and earthquake area. Honestly, in my opinion, there are much cooler places to explore in Idaho. But, it was a fun excuse to get into nature and hang out with Cambrea for the day.

Now that March is warming up we are able to hang out outside a little more. We’ve been to 2 bonfires with great friends and already eaten too many s’mores.

My favorite part about March is the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake. It’s something I look forward to every year!! This month I had 4, because Sheldon was really good at being sneaky. I really love these nasty fake-green minty shakes. I don’t know what it is haha.


Before our busy days at the end of the semester we took a much needed date night. We ate at Texas Roadhouse- our favorite! and then went to see the new ‘Beauty and The Beast’ movie. Luckily we had some free movie tickets from doing a review from where we bought our car. It was a great movie, I loved it! Highly recommended.


I know that I already wrote about this, but I was part of a craft collaboration photoshoot. I was able to showcase my crafts in a wedding reception type setting. Read more about it on my craft site HERE.

Happy wife brag moment! Sheldon has had several interviews lately and this month we were informed that Sheldon is being PROMOTED! He has so loved working at Grace Valley Implement on the parts counter for the last 4 years. This summer he starts as the assistant service manager in the Preston store! We are excited for this change and ready to see where this adventure takes us. (Also to clear up questions we’ve gotten; we will be living in Grace again for the summer, Sheldon will commute to Preston.)

Sheldon has also been working really hard in school. He has a lot of labs in the shop so he gets to do things like fix engines, and build things. For one project he build a wooden stand for when he works on his bikes. Mountain Biking is one of his very favorite things and it was finally nice enough outside that he was able to go with some friends a few times.

My second field trip for the semester was to the BYUI ropes course at Badger Creek. This was for my Home and Family Resource Management class, as a way to develop teamwork and practice self renewal. My group was put on a giant 40 ft swing, it was exhilarating! and slightly scary.

Other noteworthy activities that the Lloyds have been up to in March: I got my hair cut and highlighted, we could run outside, I got my CPR Certification to teach preschool in the fall, planned RS activities, ate Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner, I was voted as the Vice President for FCCLA (an FCS club at BYUI), presented at the Research and Creative Works Conference, created and executed a Food Science Sensory test, I passed all 4 technology tests, wrote several preschool lesson plans, all this and plenty of other homework and tests to keep us busy.

This was the month without end! Thank goodness April has come!

March Seconds:


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