A Very Happy Birthday Boy (February ’17)

Okay. Lets be honest February was all about school for us. But when I look back at my blog that is the last thing I want to remember. haha. So besides tons of classes, homework, tests, papers, projects, presentations, labs, meetings, observations, etc…. Our February was actually really great. (Big news at the end of the post!)

Sheldon LOVES finding new places to explore, but in the middle of winter that is no easy feat. Thankfully, the largest rock wall in Idaho just opened up in Ammon, just 30 mins away from us. Check out The Edge Climbing and Fitness HERE! There are so many walls to climb at several different difficulty levels. We enjoyed their vibrant atmosphere, though there were a lot of people we didn’t feel crowded. We highly recommend this place!


Thanks to an invitation from my friend Baylee we enjoyed a beautiful and peaceful Saturday morning in the Rexburg Temple. We are looking forward to the dedication of the Idaho Falls temple in April.



In another desperate attempt to get a group together for some weekend fun, we decided on playing laser tag at The Craze. They have a really fun set up like a war zone to play in, and great places to hide. They have really great pricing and it is always such a blast! Great date idea FYI. While we were there Sheldon HAD to try his luck at Guitar Hero (his fav) in the arcade room.



Okay call me crazy… While I’ve been in school (in my busiest semester yet) I decided to start building my own brand to eventually become my own craft business. I still have SO much to do for it, but how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! I promise I won’t bore you about it on my personal blog; but I have been doing a lot more crafting lately and it feels so good! Read more about the details of my crazy endeavors HERE.


Our Valentine’s day was on Feb 13, we celebrated a day early so we could beat the crowds. I highly recommend that- we are going to make that our new tradition!! haha. Sheldon gave me the most beautiful bouquet and a box of chocolates that didn’t last a day. Our date night was something extra special, he took me to a paint your own pottery place (Possibly Picasso) in Idaho Falls! They have reasonable pricing and high quality pottery and paints. It was SO fun, together we decided to paint a chip and dip bowl and it turned out so good.


So for my birthday back in January my mom sent me some paperwhite bulbs to force indoors from easytogrowbulbs.com. It was so fun to watch them grow because seriously within a month they grew at least 3 feet tall! Well they just barely all bloomed and it was so fun! Bringing the green indoors is seriously so refreshing!


So in school I am studying FCSed (basically home ec) so I went to the regional FCCLA leadership conference to help judge the competition. When I got there they already had enough people, so I just went around helping a bunch of the groups practice their presentations before their judging. They all did amazing and put so much time and effort into their work. It was a great experience for me as a future teacher because I was only familiar with what I did in high school FCCLA. Now as I prepare to be an FCS teacher I will actually be competing in the state competition in Boise this April. (PS. look at that official name tag! Woot, woot!)



Something we have been looking forward to alllllllll of February was Sheldon’s birthday weekend! We planned a special trip to Utah for several reasons but most importantly the last BYU basketball home game. BYU played their rival team St. Mary’s and Shel was SO stoked for it. We lost, but it was way fun anyway because there was a fun energy in the Marriott Center. Another thing we did while we were in Utah was eat at Tucanos (a Brazilian Buffet) they just keep bringing you meat, so Shel was in heaven. Haha. It was a nice weekend because we spent some time with my grandma, she is so sweet to us. She even bought sheldon the most delicious Oreo cake! My parents also figured out how to send us a Chicago Giordano’s pizza. Mmm! Its always nice to be able to getaway for a little while, and Utah s a great place to do that.


AND our big news….. we bought a new car!! We have been juggling between two sad old cars since we have been married. Now that we got back a nice tax return and since the other two cars are completely unreliable, we got a new one! We have loved our Buick and knew it was a brand that we wanted to stick with. So we test drove several different cars and decided on a blue 2013 Buick Verano that we bought form Elite Auto and sold the old one. We love it so much! We named it Benji the Buick.


This month was packed full, but it flew by so fast! Other activities this February included: Sunday dinners with friends, an eye exam, a calling to the relief society activity committee, interviews, first shamrock shake of the year, running, baking, crafting, etc. We are ready for the spring to roll on in though only a few more weeks and we head back to Grace for the summer. Wishing all of our friends and family the best as we muster through the rest of these cold wintery days together. Stay warm people!

February Seconds:


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