Personal Branding

I’ve been really trying to work to brand myself. I feel like I have a lot of creative potential and I need to harness it into a way I can thrive. I want to build a brand that people recognize as my work. I realize this is an extensive endeavor and will take a lot of time to build. I’m ready to work hard for this, but it will be a slow process because I am still in school currently.

What I have done so far is start to document my work on a website as craft portfolio. Eventually I will accept orders and make it more like a business from that site but all in due time. Click the link below to see that site.

While I recognize that a name, colors and font are not the only factors in building a brand, they are important. This is what I have decided on for now.

  • Colors- Bright sun yellow, light shades of grey, white, sea foam green, and light turquoise.
  • Name- Sunflowers and Stitches (Why you ask? click HERE to find out)
  • Font- Bromello

My main aesthetic for branding has been posted through Instagram. As I complete new projects I will continue to share my work through that medium trying to maintain a clean, colorful, and organized look. See my craft Instagram page HERE.

Next month I have a collaboration with a photographer, florist, and models to create a “mock wedding” photoshoot which should help me to be able to network and be better known. This will be a great opportunity to build my brand a little more! Little by little. I’m excited to see where this takes me!

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