A Different Kind of Birthday (January ’17)

It is already one month into the new year and it still feels weird to write “2017” in the corner of my papers. Here is the report of our January.



The first week of the January was still spent in Illinois for break. I made sure to meet up with a few friends. With my best friend Veronica, we planned out a double date to do at her place. She and her date made a cheese fondue spread to share for dinner. Sheldon and I made a chocolate fondue spread for dessert. All delicious! The she gave us a tour of her campus at NIU and we played some games together. It was just like old times, good to see you my friend. 🙂 Always great to have a friend to talk to about my teaching degree.


It was also great to catch up with my friend Samantha an her boyfriend. Sheldon really wanted to get a Giordano’s deep dish pizza before we left Illinois, so it was a good excuse to meet up with her. She has been working on a nursing degree in Wisconsin and will seriously make a huge difference in public health. This girl’s future is bright! Read her blog HERE. (oops we didn’t take pictures, so thank google for these).


Our days in Illinois were running low, so we decided to take my sister Rebecca out of school for an “appointment”. (A SHOPPING DAY!) We did Chipotle for lunch and hit up the outlet mall! It was a seriously cold day, but like SO fun! It was great to have one last day with her!


Eventually we made it back to our place in Idaho safely, and without flight delay this time! Haha. We returned to School with the resolve to be healthy. (Read about my goals for the new year HERE.) With some Christmas money I bought myself a juicer to be able to increase my nutrient intake and do a healthy cleanse. Honestly we love juicing! There is no tastier way to get so many fruits and veggies into your system! It has been fun to mix it up and try new combinations.

We have already been making a lot of progress; not only do we feel stronger and faster, but Shel is down 15lbs and I am down 7lbs! Along with juicing we have cut out soda, sweets, and eating out from our diet (except my birthday). Plus we run 2 miles 4 times each week. My mom gave me these awesome bluetooth headphones for my birthday and I LOVE them for working out. Link HERE.


On the 20th I had my birthday! A flat tire and dead car changed my “birthday plans”, but thankfully we had the whole weekend to make it awesome. We bought cupcakes, ate pizza, made a blanket fort, took pictures, saw Fantastic Beasts, and ate at Applebee’s. Sheldon did a great job at making me feel special on my day, even though the car was dumb about it. We made the best of it all. Heres to 23!


I got my official name tag for teaching and observations this past week! I am pretty excited about that even though it also means a lot of work ahead of me. 



We got together with a bunch of friends to play in Grace this weekend. Sheldon’s family owns a bunch of snowmobiles and so they took us up the mountain so we could sled down. The tubes got going pretty fast after we made a few paths. It was a beautiful sunny day, I was kept pretty warm in the snow actually. Which is impressive because there was SO MUCH snow, like in some places I sunk in past my knees.

After playing on the hills most of the afternoon we all went to Lava Hot Springs to eat and to soak in the hot baths. It is always a weird sensation because your hair freezes out of the water while your body is boiling warm in it. It was a fun day with friends and a great weekend getaway.


Other activities this January included: Sunday lunch with Baylee and Phil, Sheldon went to the Potato convention in Pocatello (which just totally cracks me up), I made more felt projects, we fixed one car, Oh and school…. Lots of school stuff, seriously this might be my busiest semester yet.

AND I have something special in progress. After some serious pondering and some girl time with Celine I am excited to share that I have a CRAFT SITE coming soon. I’m still organizing it and in the branding process, but hopefully I’ll have that up and running in the next few months! SO EXCITED!

January Seconds:


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