Chloe: 7 Months Old

Happy 7 months to Chloe! Here is an update on her latest growth and devolopment. Size 18 lbs27 inches9-12 month clothesSize 3 diapers Temperament Chloe was really sad and loud for a few days while she cut her bottom two teeth, but overall continues to be a happy, playful, and curious baby. She is learning … Continue reading Chloe: 7 Months Old

Fall colors & Preparations for Chloe’s Special Day (Sept. 2020)

Hello friends thanks for checking in again. September just flew by, but this was a fun and productive month for us. We have enjoyed the mild fall weather, and the beautiful colors of the leaves in the mountains. Alright onto the update... What in the World: The iphone has finally taken a note from android … Continue reading Fall colors & Preparations for Chloe’s Special Day (Sept. 2020)